How It Works

Welcome to our newest adventure, Six by Nico Masterclasses!

Whilst the restaurants remain closed, we are bringing the Six by Nico Magic to your home... Every week, a new theme will be revealed - reflecting previous menus that you have enjoyed in the restaurant. !

Our vision of the Masterclasses is to transport you to the Six by Nico restaurant and allow you to reminisce and take you back to those fond memories of the restaurant. Ever missed a menu theme - now is your chance to experience from your very own home!

With most of the prep done for you this time round, you will be able to create your perfect six course tasting journey. All you have to do is follow our simple cooking instructions and masterclass videos!

The best part? You can choose between regular, vegetarian or both!

What's In The Box?

Every Six By Nico Masterclasses box will contain all the prepped courses necessary to create the perfect six course tasting journey, which is perfectly portioned for two people.

You can also choose whether your box for two contains regular, vegetarian or one of each! You can choose when adding the product to your basket.

You also have the choice to add on Stem Wine Club to really elevate your experience!

Delivery Or Takeaway?

Either or, it's up to you! We are offering a local delivery service within a strict 5 mile radius of each of our chosen restaurants, and we are also offering a takeaway service from the restaurants.

Delivery will operate between 9am - 6pm on your chosen day, and Takeaway available from 12pm - 6pm at our restaurants.

There are two seperate products available for each location, depending on whether you wish for delivery or takeaway. Please make sure you add the correct one to your basket.

Please note this is a recipe box and will need cooked at home, no items come precooked

Instructional Videos

Every Six By Nico Masterclasses recipe comes with a short instructional how-to video that guides you through the process of creating the perfect dish. Learning all the skills necessary to become a successful chef along the way.


Can we deliver further than 5 mile radius?
For now, we can only operate delivery in a 5 mile radius as we will be using our own in-house team to facilitate these deliveries locally. However we do hope to expand this as we grow!

I think I live within 5 miles. Why can't you get to me?
We use the shopify map and while it could be 5 miles as the crow flies, shopify maps out the route and if it is slightly over we’re unfortunately unable to deliver.

What restaurants is this available from?
At the moment this will be available in Glasgow (Finnieston) Edinburgh, Liverpool and Manchester. We are sorry but at the moment, we’re afraid we cannot facilitate this in London or Belfast due to delivery restrictions within our own team & brexit.

Can I order for 3?
We’re afraid that both recipes included are perfectly portioned for two. However, if you wish to order two boxes, this would feed 4 people and would keep for 24 hours should you wish to enjoy it another day! (We certainly would love to…)

How long/ how can the masterclass be stored after delivery?
The masterclass experience can be safely stored in the fridge for up to 24 hours.

Can I substitute dishes from the veggie and regular menu i.e. pescatarian.
We are really sorry but we're afraid that the masterclass menu cannot be changed. This is due to the short time frame we have to order in the product (things are proving tougher than expected with Brexit just now!) We do however have a full Six course vegetarian menu option that we promise, is just as delicious as the regular menu!

Can you accommodate allergens?
We are sorry we are not able to accommodate any allergens due to the way in which the experience is prepared and packaged. All allergens in each dish are stated on the allergens page.

Multiples of two boxes
Every Six By Nico Masterclasses box will contain the ingredients necessary to create the perfect six course tasting journey, which is perfectly portioned for two people,

Delivery times
Delivery will operate between 12pm - 6pm on your chosen day, and Takeaway available from 12pm - 6pm at our restaurants.
(The restaurant directly will contact guest a more specific time prior to your collection/ delivery date)

If you have any queries at all, please email our team at:

Please note: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic our customer service team are working reduced hours from home. This may lead to a slightly delayed response. We thank you for your patience.